Missouri elementary school gets HVAC makeover thanks to Crescent

1-2Elementary schools often have tight budgets, yet a huge need for quality heating and cooling systems. After all, how are children supposed to focus on multiplication or new vocabulary if they’re shivering or sweating?

Millersville Elementary School in Millersville, MO was one such school. They needed modern, efficient heating and cooling systems that wouldn’t break the bank, and the industry expertise that would provide peace of mind. That’s when Crescent Parts stepped in.

The school needed help with heating and cooling four specific classrooms, but then decided the timing was right to do the same for the entire school. Crescent Parts worked with school maintenance staff to create the best possible design and layout for the school and select the products that would offer the greatest value long-term, as well as operate quietly. Mitsubishi and Reznor products were installed all over the school, and noticeable improvements were immediate.

Work like this is a testament to what Crescent Parts is all about–quality products at a fair price. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Check out Crescent Parts on Facebook for more pictures of the HVAC work done at Millersville Elementary.

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