Poplar Bluff location gets a makeover

Side by side new skin (2)

The new skin beside the old skin on the building’s exterior and the newly paved parking lot.

Starting in January, Crescent Parts & Equipment (CPE) has been renovating its branch location in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, updating everything from the lighting to the parking lot.

Vice President Guy Giudici said the building, constructed in the 1950s and owned by CPE since 1981, was examined and measured by himself, Poplar Bluff Branch Manager Jim Meyers, and several of their colleagues to determine which renovations were needed.

Some of the changes made include a new foam roof with polymer coating, a second showroom, a hydraulic dock plate, a mostly re-skinned exterior, and improved insulation using closed cell spray foam. New HVAC installations were also added, including the new American Standard inverter driven condensing unit coupled with the new S9V furnace and a Mitsubishi VRF system.

Meyers said the renovations allow for employees to better serve contractors and anyone else who walks through the branch location’s doors.

“With this newly renovated building, we will be properly equipped to handle all of the inventory this growing market will require,” Meyers said. “The remodel will allow us to grow and adapt more readily as our customer base expands and develops.”

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