Top HVAC-R Trends to Watch for in 2018 

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If there will be one theme that is common for HVACR Industry trends this 2018, it is how technology is beginning to influence the industry as well as their customers. This is definitely the year to observe how technology can influence the HVACR Industry in terms of marketing, business operations, as well as making data focused decisions.

Here are the top HVACR industry tends to look forward to this year.

Energy Efficiency

As time goes by, the focus on energy efficiency in the heating and cooling industry is continuously increasing. Technicians and engineers are looking for new tools, methods and technology to reduce waste, from high-efficiency equipment to limiting heat loss. As new technology on energy efficient heating and cooling technology gets more available worldwide, more consumers will be able to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of choosing the new alternatives. With more efficient equipment, both companies and the consumers will be able to benefit.

A Smarter Industry

The HVAC industry is getting a lot smarter as many companies are starting to utilize and rely on smart equipment for better productivity. Sales and service processes are being automated, thus allowing the company to cut their customer acquisition costs to keep their pricing competitive. Companies are also making use of smartphone apps, and programmable applications to allow technicians, engineers, and building managers to control production processes in one control point, such as lighting and ventilation. Companies are also getting better readings and measurements because of the accuracy of data collection. This will allow more efficient HVAC systems in the future.

Smart Thermostats

While they have been around for a while, they are now becoming more mainstream. A smart thermostat is a device that connects via WiFi and can automatically connect to your HVAC system to adjust the temperature. The real-time adjustment of this device increases the energy efficiency in homes.

Data Focused Decisions

With the help of new measuring and data gathering technologies, HVACR technicians and engineers will be able to use real metrics to make important company decisions instead of trusting only their instincts. New smart technologies will allow HVACR companies to be able to adapt their services according to the customers’ needs. This is useful for customers who live in severe climates or have special requests.

Zoned Heating and Air

This type of HVACR system is slowly gaining popularity, and can be expected this 2018 due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness. The zoned heating and cooling system works by ‘separating’ a location, such as your home, into different areas or “zones” wherein each area is controlled separately by a thermostat. Zoning a home or office has several benefits, such as the elimination of hot and cold spots as well as individual control of the different rooms’ temperatures. With zoned heating and cooling, the rooms that are not used often will not be using as much energy just to reach your selected temperature. While zoned HVACs are highly sophisticated, they can still be installed into traditional systems if necessary.

Green and Sustainable HVACR

This concept is a great trend to focus on since it can help contribute to the environment. There are now green mechanical systems that keep indoor air clean. These innovations will keep your home as warm or cold as needed, and at the same time do so in an environmentally friendly way.

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