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Does The Cold Actually Make You Sick?


Colds and flus typically claim most of their victims in the winter months, but before you blame the cold air for your sore throat and fever, take a closer look at another culprit — dry air. When the temperature lowers, Read More ›

La Niña Weather Conditions & Their Impact On The Midwest


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), weather conditions for winter 2017-18 may be influenced by La Niña, which the Weather Channel defines as “the periodic cooling of the equatorial eastern and central Pacific Ocean.” This winter, the U.S. will Read More ›

Two Crescent Execs Get “Mummified” To Raise Money For A Great Cause


A couple weeks ago we launched a charity fundraiser called Mummify A Crescent Exec, which allowed Crescent customers and employees to cast their votes for which of our six top executives they most wanted to see get wrapped up like Read More ›