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Grow Your Business With Effortless Marketing

Our free marketing library features our current promotions and dozens of Crescent-made marketing materials for your company’s website, social media platforms, in-person marketing efforts, and more. Add your logo, tweak the wording, and do whatever else you need to do to customize these materials to your liking.

If you see a template in the flyer section you would like Crescent to customize for you, reach out to your territory manager.

Social Media Items
Aprilaire 6-CleanAir
Aprilaire 5-CleanAir
Aprilaire 4-CleanAir
Aprilaire 3-CleanAir
Aprilaire 2-CleanAir
Aprilaire 1-CleanAir
Aprilaire 6-Dream Home
Aprilaire 5-Dream Home
Aprilaire 4-Dream Home
Aprilaire 3-Dream Home
Aprilaire 2-Dream Home
Aprilaire 1 -Dream Home
Nest Pro Dealer ad
Nest Hello ad
Happy Spring 3
Happy Spring 2
Happy Spring 1
Home Comfort Upgrade – Mother’s Day
Upgrade In Comfy Dep’t 1
President’s Day 2
President’s Day 1
Water Heaters 4
Boilers 2
Boilers 1
Nest Stat & Google Home
Nest & Google 2
Nest & Google 1
Water Heaters 3
Water Heaters 2
Water Heaters 1
Nest Stats 1
Nest Protect 3
Nest Protect 2
Nest Protect 1
Nest Learning Stat
Nest Learning Stat E
Nest Learning Stat E 2
Nest Cams Indoor & Outdoor
Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Nest Cam Indoor 1
Laundry Scrubber 2
Humidifier Benefits 3
Millions Enjoying Htg
Aprilaire Humidifier 1
Humidifier Benefits 2
Humidifier Benefits 1
Winter 2
Winter 1
New Year’s 1
Labor Day 3
Labor Day 2
Labor Day 1
Veteran’s Day 3
Veterans Day 2
Memorial Day 3
Memorial Day 2
Memorial Day 1
AS AccuClean Whole Home Air Cleaner
AS Set The Standard Sales Event Rebates Financing
Lyric C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera
Honeywell Lyric WLD
Honeywell Lyric T6 Stat
Halloween 3
Thanksgiving 5
Halloween 2
Halloween 1
Thanksgiving 4
Thanksgiving 3
Christmas 6
Christmas 5
Christmas 4
Christmas 3
Christmas 2
Honeywell Water Leak Alert
People Enjoying AC Right Now Like You
National HVAC Tech Day
Labor Shortage 2
Labor Shortage 1
Valentine’s Day Air Scrubber Plus
Laundry Scrubber
Best Winter Yet
Fall Brings Challenges For Homeowners
Now Hiring 4
Refrigeration Tech Jobs
Become an HVACR Tech 2
Become an HVACR Tech 1
It Pays To Work In HVAC/R
Demand For HVAC/R Techs Growing Fast
Allergies Ask Tech About Options
Allergy Season Home An Allergy Free Zone
HVAC Tip: Ideal Indoor Humidity Level
HVAC Tip: Protect Family From Viruses With Humidifier
Low Humidity Cracked Wood
High Humidity Allergies And More
Humidifier Wine Bottle Corks
HVAC Tip: Air Filter
HVAC Tip: Pet Hair Air Filter 2
HVAC Tip: Ask Tech About Changing Air Filter
HVAC Tip Pet Hair Air Filter
Veterans Day 1
Thanksgiving 2
Jack Frost – AS Furnaces – Winter Deals
Thanksgiving 1
New Years 1
Christmas 1
HVAC/R: A Career In Demand
Smart Home Tech 1
Now Hiring 3
Furnace Going Out 24 Hr Emergency Services
AC Going Out 24 Hr Emergency Service
HVAC Tip Plants For IAQ
Vintage Heating Ad
Vintage AC Ad 3
Vintage AC Ad 2
Vintage AC Ad 1
Thanksgiving – Did You Know
Now Hiring 2
Now Hiring
Leak Detector
Choosing a Humidifier
Dehumidifier MO Only
Dehumidifier MO IL
Ask a Technician Day 3
Ask a Technician Day 2
Ask a Technician Day 1
Air Scrubber
AC Shade

The Profit University audio library is only available to American Standard customers.