Four Tips for Hiring Great HVAC Techs

Many dealers spend tremendous time and energy trying to find and hire the right techs, especially in recent years as the labor shortage becomes more of a problem.

Will Housh, founder and CEO of, understands the struggle. He has 4 tips for targeting the right people and removing “holes in your hiring process [that] can hold your company back.”

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PBS NewsHour: after decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs tradespeople

Even PBS NewsHour is talking about the labor shortage in skilled trades like HVAC/R.

The shortage has been an ever-growing problem for contractors and technical colleges alike and is starting to get more mainstream news coverage, with articles on the subject published by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Forbes, to name a few.

PBS Newshour in particular delves into a key reason for the shortage: the over-emphasis on a 4-year college degree and an office job as the only way to achieve a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle.

Several people impacted by this problem shared their experiences, including a recent high school graduate named Derrick Roberson.

“All throughout high school, they made it sound like going to college was our only option,” he said. “After you go to college, where do you go? It can open doors for you, but not as much as they make it seem.”

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Commercial HVAC Market Expected To Increase For Several Years

By 2021, the commercial HVAC market is expected to be worth about $12.3 billion, growing 3.3 percent annually from now until then, according to a new study by Cleveland-based research firm The Freedonia Group.

The commercial market makes up 58% of all HVAC equipment sales and will likely remain a larger market than residential due to a few different factors, including the need for multiple HVAC units to effectively cool an entire commercial building.

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Changes to EPA’s Section 608 Impact HVAC/R Techs

The EPA has recently added new record-keeping requirements to their Section 608 Refrigerant Management Program, among other changes.

The requirements apply to any appliance containing 5-50 pounds of refrigerant.

According to Jeremy Arling, refrigerants team lead in the EPA’s stratospheric protection division, techs will need to keep accurate records of “the location, date of recovery, and type of refrigerant recovered for each disposed appliance; the quantity and type of refrigerant recovered from disposed appliances in each calendar month; and the quantity and type of refrigerant transferred for reclamation or destruction, the person to whom it was transferred, and the date of the transfer.”

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12 Tips For HVAC Companies To Hire And Retain The Best Technicians

It’s no secret that skilled trade industries, including HVAC/R, are experiencing a serious labor shortage. With more and more qualified technicians nearing retirement and a much smaller amount of young people entering the industry, it’s more difficult than ever to find, hire, and keep good talent.

HVAC recruiter Karen Schaper has developed twelve tips for ensuring your company has the qualified technicians needed to grow and prosper.

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