17 Historical Reactions to Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has undergone many reincarnations and innovations over time, and national opinion has changed alongside it. President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously hated air conditioning, U.S. senators were alarmed by it, and many citizens felt it was too good to be true. But it was Willis Haviland Carrier, often called the father of air conditioning for his invention of the first modern AC system, who accurately predicted the future back in 1902: “The average businessman will rise, pleasantly refreshed, having slept in an air-conditioned room, he will travel in an air-conditioned train, and toil in an air-conditioned office, store, or factory—or dine in an air-conditioned restaurant. In fact, the only time he will know anything about heat waves or arctic blasts will be when he exposes himself to the natural discomforts of out-of-doors.”

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