4 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Company’s Image Using Facebook

Facebook has nearly 2 billion active users, which is over one quarter of the planet’s population. Among those users are potential new (and repeat) customers who form an impression of your company based on your company’s Facebook page, whether they realize it or not. Make sure that impression is positive with these four easy tips.


1. Post informative, helpful articles

The articles don’t have to be original ones written by someone at your company either. The Internet is rife with articles about tricks homeowners and business owners can use to save money on heating and cooling bills, tips on how to find the best brand of equipment, and more.

Every now and then, find a relevant article online and share the link on your company’s Facebook page. The name of the site where the article was originally posted will automatically appear on the bottom of the post, giving credit where it is due.

Your post will appear in the newsfeeds of everyone who has liked your page, so just a few minutes of effort will demonstrate to your Facebook audience that your company is an expert HVAC resource actively trying to help its customers even when not getting paid for it.

Additionally, your posts increase the visibility of your company name and logo, all free of charge.


2. Gather positive ratings and reviews

Recommendations from friends and neighbors have been proven over and over again to carry a lot of weight when potential customers are making decisions about who to give their business to. Fortunately, Facebook makes gathering lots of free recommendations easy with its ratings and reviews feature.

If you’ve filled out the About section of your company’s page completely, Facebook lets visitors to your page leave a rating of up to 5 stars on the right sidebar, and provides the option of adding a written review as well.

To improve your ratings and reviews, ask satisfied customers to rate your company on Facebook and tell you how you’re doing. Good ratings and reviews set you apart from your competition and improve your reputation tremendously.


3. Build up your likes

Having a healthy amount of likes on your company’s Facebook page demonstrates to potential new and repeat customers that you have a large and satisfied following.

Basically, if hundreds of people agree to have your posts appear in their newsfeeds, which is what happens when they like your page, then you’re clearly doing something right. It’s a vote of confidence that can reassure people about your company, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

The easiest way to get likes quickly is to invite friends to like your company’s Facebook page. You can do this in the sidebar on the right, below where it shows how many likes the page has.


4. Say no to fuzzy profile pictures and banner pictures

Way too many companies use a small, low-resolution image of their logo as their company’s profile picture, ignoring how blurry and grainy it looks. And the same goes for the banner photo; having a low-quality image stretched out across the top of your page makes your company look sloppy and unpolished.

High-resolution, quality images, however, demonstrate your company’s professionalism. It’s a seemingly small touch that has a large, often subconscious, impact on people’s impression of your company.

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