5 Surprising Things You Can Solve With RedLINK™ Technology

Honeywell’s RedLINK™ technology can be used to solve a variety of comfort challenges related to zoning, wireless stats, and more. Check out some uses for RedLINK™ technology you might not have thought of below.

1. Connect a condensing unit or boiler to control devices without running wires

Upgrading a single-stage condensing unit to a multi-stage unit and need to figure out how to run new wires through the house and out to the equipment? Try using Honeywell’s weatherproof Equipment Remote Module (ERM), which “enables control devices (like RedLINK thermostats) to communicate wirelessly with condensing units or boilers.”

2. Help homeowners customize their comfort in a single-zone application

Sometimes customers who could benefit from a zoning solution just won’t go for it. When this happens, take advantage of Portable Comfort Control (PCC). It’s easy to set up and senses temperature wirelessly, allowing homeowners to remotely adjust the set point to whatever they wish.

3. Connect and control multiple IAQ devices without running wires to the thermostat

Did you know you can wire up to three IAQ devices to an Equipment Interface Module (EIM) installed in the equipment room and it will wirelessly communicate to a RedLINK™ thermostat? This is a great option for when you need to connect humidifiers and dehumidifiers, but there aren’t enough wires to go around.

4. Give customers total comfort control from anywhere

When used together, a RedLINK™ thermostat and the redesigned RedLINK™ Internet Gateway allow homeowners to manage multiple zones, control humidity levels, and more from the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app.

 5. Create customized alerts using dry contact devices

When used with an EIM, Honeywell’s dry contact sensors can detect “water leaks, frozen coils, fan failure, full drain pans and more,” sending an alert to the homeowner’s RedLINK™ thermostat or their Total Connect Comfort app to notify them of the issue.

For a deeper look into RedLINK™ solutions, take advantage of this interactive training module.

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