Two Crescent Execs Get “Mummified” To Raise Money For A Great Cause

A couple weeks ago we launched a charity fundraiser called Mummify A Crescent Exec, which allowed Crescent customers and employees to cast their votes for which of our six top executives they most wanted to see get wrapped up like a mummy. People voted by putting cash into one of the containers at our 15 branches labeled with the executives’ faces, and all money raised goes straight to charity.

There was a tie between our VP Guy and our CFO Mark, so they both got mummified! And the total money raised? A whopping $1100!

Our Quincy, IL branch raised the most, which means they get to decide which local charity the money will be donated to. They are still in the process of selecting their charity.

The rest of the money is being donated to The Little Bit Foundation, a St. Louis charity that works to remove barriers to attaining an education for children in need. Vic Edwards, a representative from the foundation, was present for the mummification.

Enjoy these photos of the mummification on Friday, October 27th in the training room at our St. Louis office and check out our Facebook for more.



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