Dealers weigh in on best practices for selling IAQ products

Good news for HVAC contractors everywhere: consumers are becoming more aware of the impact good indoor air quality (IAQ) has on their lives, and they’re willing to pay for it.

In fact, a study by BCC Research found that the U.S. IAQ market in 2015 totaled $7.8 billion, and it’s estimated to grow to $10.8 billion by 2021. However, not all contractors will feel that boon in IAQ purchases equally. Check out what contractors across the country have to say about how they ensure they’re getting a large share of the IAQ sales pie.

Bryan Orr, co-founder and vice president of service at Kalos Services Inc. in Clermont, Florida

Orr focuses his business model on serving the customer on-site as much as possible and building long-term relationships, which he says improves his company’s billable per hour.

“We always want to have conversations with customers about their fears and desires, because all buying decisions are made based on fears and desires. IAQ is a real central part of that. If somebody has some significant fears related to health or allergies, or let’s say they even have some phobias in some cases, then you want to have a conversation on it, not push into that fear or accelerate that fear… We’re focused on capitalizing on our time when we’re already at customers’ homes in order to do more things that benefit them. So, that’s how we look at IAQ. I don’t look at it as an upsell. I look at it as a way to improve upon how much billable per hour we make on a site.”

Travis Smith, president of Sky Heating & Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Smith has his technicians make a habit of asking their customers questions, and then really listen to the answers.

“We often ask who in the house has allergies. In 90 percent of homes, somebody has allergies. We have three offices and two of them are in the high desert, so we sell a lot of humidifiers by asking people if they get cracked or dry skin. It’s really just about listening to customers because it’s rare that someone has no need for IAQ.”

Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating & Air in Kettering, Ohio

McAfee credits having samples on hand to show customers as one of his most effective sales techniques.

“We have a few great tools in our arsenal to help us through the process, including sample UV lights. We bring them along and show customers what they look like and how they’re installed. We also offer online videos customers can watch while we’re looking at the system and encourage them to check out referrals from customers who have these products in their homes.”

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