Smart home tech: contractors must learn to swim or be drowned by competition

The term “smart home” triggers a variety of responses in people — confusion, excitement, dread, wonder. This is especially true for those in the HVAC industry, which has an important, yet still developing role in the future of smart home technology.

To help address this issue, Honeywell hosted an event called “Smart Tech, Smarter Experts” aimed at connecting HVAC contractors and other stakeholders for roundtable discussions and talks from experts.

Stacey Higginbotham, owner and founder of StaceyOnIoT.com, emceed the event and stated that smart homes are no longer a far off fantasy.

“My theory is that connected devices are like toilets, eventually every home will have them and you’ll take them for granted,” she said.

Despite the growing demand for smart home technology in HVAC-related products like thermostats, many contractors have been hesitant to dip their toe in the water. When “cost, security, privacy, and shelf life of the technology” is taken into account, it can be intimidating.

However, many experts are declaring that it’s either jump in and learn to swim, or be drowned by the competition.

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