Crescent Partners With Saint Louis Zoo

During the famously hot and sticky St. Louis summers, visitors to the Saint Louis Zoo have had to contend with some of the public restrooms not featuring air conditioning. The facilities next to the entrance of Fragile Forest have just been outfitted with the advanced cooling technology of Mitsubishi’s City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning System. The main advantage of the Mitsubishi City Multi system is its adaptability to a retrofit job like the Central Restrooms at the zoo. Without the need to install ductwork, the install took a fraction of the time a conventional would have. In addition, these units are very energy efficient. Crescent has partnered with the Saint Louis Zoo for their heating and cooling needs for years, and we were excited to be a part of another zoo project. Marc DeLaurent, our commercial refrigeration sales lead, led initial sales discussions with the zoo. Sam Nienaber and Eric Gordon were the “brains” behind design and project implementation. With the new and improved (and cooler!) restrooms opening to the public this summer, zoo visitors can look forward to an AC oasis during the hottest days of summer.