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PBS NewsHour: after decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs tradespeople


Even PBS NewsHour is talking about the labor shortage in skilled trades like HVAC/R. The shortage has been an ever-growing problem for contractors and technical colleges alike and is starting to get more mainstream news coverage, with articles on the Read More ›

Changes to EPA’s Section 608 Impact HVAC/R Techs


The EPA has recently added new record-keeping requirements to their Section 608 Refrigerant Management Program, among other changes. The requirements apply to any appliance containing 5-50 pounds of refrigerant. According to Jeremy Arling, refrigerants team lead in the EPA’s stratospheric Read More ›

12 Tips For HVAC Companies To Hire And Retain The Best Technicians


It’s no secret that skilled trade industries, including HVAC/R, are experiencing a serious labor shortage. With more and more qualified technicians nearing retirement and a much smaller amount of young people entering the industry, it’s more difficult than ever to Read More ›