In addition to offering a competitive salary, Crescent Parts & Equipment provides all of its employees with a comprehensive benefits package. We offer employee paid benefits as well as options for employees to pay for additional benefits (at a group rate) through payroll deductions. Employees are eligible for benefits the first of the month 60 days after the date of hire.


Health Insurance -- Crescent pays approximately 85% of the employee-only cost and 74% of dependent coverage.  Health insurance is through a self-funded plan using the United Health Care, Choice Plus network. Crescent provides an opportunity to save on the individual premium deduction by becoming a “Wellness Partner.” We provide a variety of wellness programs and resources to assist with disease management, tobacco cessation, and more.

Dental Insurance – Crescent pays 50% and employee pays 50%.

Vision Insurance – Crescent pays 100% for all coverage levels. Employees pay nothing.

Life Insurance -- Crescent provides a $50,000 life insurance policy for each employee.

Long-Term Disability Insurance -- Crescent pays 100% of the premium. After 90 days of disability, the employee receives 60% of his/her salary on a non-taxable basis.

Identity Protection -- Crescent pays for individual identify theft protection for all employees through ID Shield. Employees have the option to purchase family protection at an added cost.

Smart Dollar Financial Wellness -- Crescent pays for employees to enroll in the Dave Ramsey Smart Dollar Financial Wellness Program, a complete online, step-by-step plan to help employees succeed with their financial goals.


Employees can chose to enroll themselves and their families in various other benefit plans that are offered at a competitive cost.

Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, and Additional Life Insurance for Self, Spouse or Children.


401(k) Plan (Pre-Tax and Roth) -- A successful retirement is a direct result of proper planning today. Crescent understands saving and investment planning is key to reaching retirement goals, which is why Crescent helps employees achieve those goals by providing an employer-sponsored retirement (401k) plan. Employees can defer their funds on a pre-tax or post-tax [Roth 401(k)] basis, and employee deferrals can begin on the first day of the quarter following the employment date. Crescent makes matching contributions at appropriate plan entry dates after eligibility conditions are met.

Tuition Reimbursement -- Crescent views reimbursement for continued education to be an investment in the future. We offer tuition reimbursement on vocational/technical school, undergraduate/graduate classes or other professional training.  Detailed guidelines on reimbursement are found in our employee handbook.

Holidays -- Full-time employees will receive their regular pay on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Personal Time Off: Rewarded based on years of service; can range from  13 days to 23 days.

Referral Program -- Earn up to $1500 for referring a successful candidate for hire.

Anniversary Awards -- Employees are recognized and rewarded for service in 5-year increments in the form of material gifts, travel vouchers, or 401(k) contributions (contingent upon years of service).

Bonus -- Crescent pays an annual bonus, shared equally among all employees, based on profits.

Open Book Management -- The purpose is to teach employees the financial basics of business so they make good decisions in their day-to-day work. By creating a financially literate workforce--a team of business-smart entrepreneurs--Crescent will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the benefit of its employees and stockholders, as well as other stakeholders in the business: its customers and vendors.