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Our free marketing library features our current promotions and dozens of Crescent-made marketing materials for your company's website, social media platforms, in-person marketing efforts, and more. Add your logo, tweak the wording, and do whatever else you need to do to customize these materials to your liking.

If you see a template in the flyer section you would like Crescent to customize for you, reach out to your territory manager.


Refrigerant Reclaim Partnership — Ongoing


Copeland Refrigeration: Consumer Flier

SureSwitch Consumer Flier

Spring Allergies: Consumer Guide

Nest Hello: Consumer Flier

Key2Therm Food Preservation: Consumer Flier

Honeywell D6 Pro Ductless Controller: Consumer Flier

Customer Questionnaire: Indoor Air Quality

Honeywell Lyric Product Bundle Sell Sheet Template

Are You Ready For Allergy Season? IAQ Product Promo Template

Financing Promo

Laundry Scrubber Homeowner Promo Sheet Template

Air Scrubber Plus Homeowner Promo Sheet Template

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