Changes in Refrigeration Industry

R22 Phase-Out Brings MO99 Into The Spotlight

With R22 refrigerant becoming more expensive and less accessible, MO99 has emerged as the ideal alternative because of its many benefits, including its cost effectiveness and reliability as a non-ozone depleting retrofit refrigerant.

Because of this, Crescent has launched a R22 reclaim program that allows our valued customers to recoup R22 costs and purchase MO99 at a discounted rate.

MO99 is a quality refrigerant that can be retrofitted in 8 simple steps.

The sooner you make the switch to MO99, the more money you’ll be able to save.

Updates to Section 608 Regulations

What are the Section 608 regulations?

Section 608 is part of the Clean Air Act and strictly prohibits the knowing release of refrigerant during the maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

The EPA requires proper refrigerant management practices by technicians, owners and operators of refrigeration and AC systems, and others.

Watch the video to hear our Refrigeration Manager Steve Sagehorn break down the 2018 Section 608 regulations and check out the links below for more information.

What techs need to know

Section 608 page on EPA’s website

Section 608 tech certification

Record-keeping app