A Wide Range Of Residential & Commercial Equipment

Product Selection Assistance

We can help you select the best controls, piping or system related items.

Indoor Comfort Design

We can provide solutions for all your indoor air quality needs, including humidification and fresh air systems.

Residential Zoning System Design

We are experienced assisting with the design of a zoning system to meet your customers’ needs.

Business & Sales Training

Our strategic business and sales training partners make it easy to learn the skills you need to grow your business. Ask us for more information about these added value programs.

Load Calculations & System Design

We provide in-house or job site assistance with calculating loads and assisting in the design of residential and commercial equipment systems and controls.

Advertising and Marketing Assistance

We can connect you with our manufacturers that have useful and effective marketing opportunities.

Technical Training

We offer professional training seminars on equipment and components throughout the year. These seminars can help you with trouble-shooting techniques and mastering new product technology.

On-Site Help

If you are having problems with a system and need on-site help, contact us at 314-647-5511 and ask for a refrigeration specialist. We are here to assist you.

Our Brand Offerings

Air Handling Units (Packaged), Condensing Units, Furnaces, Split Systems/Heat Pumps, Condensing Units, Filtration (Air), Commercial Equipment

Mini-Splits, Variable Refrigerant Flow

Coils, Air Handlers

Air Handling Units (Packaged)

Boilers (Hot Water), Water Heaters (Instantaneous), Water Source Heat Pumps, Inverter Splits


Ventilation, ERVs, HRVs, and HEPA Filters

Packaged Terminal AC, Window Units

Pumps (Hydronic)

Water Heaters, Boilers

Air Curtains

Curb Adapters, Duct Kits

Air Handling Units (Packaged), Dedicated Outdoor Air Units (MUA), Unit Heater (Water & Steam), Unit Heaters, Duct Furnaces, Splits

Steam Boilers

Ventilation Commercial Fans and Supplies

Radiant Heaters


Air Handling Units (Packaged), High Velocity Ductwork

Radiant Floor Heat, Snow Melting Systems, Viega ProPress