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June Saw Sharp Increase in Central A/C and Heat Pump Shipments

Still reminiscing about the sky-high profits back in June? You’re not alone. According to statistics from the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), shipments of central air conditioners went up 19% and shipments of heat pumps went up 10% compared to Read More ›

Millennials want better efficiency but aren’t ready to pay for it yet

A survey conducted by The National Association of Home Builders found that 84% of millennials say they would prefer a highly energy efficient home with lower utility bills, and would be willing to pay about 2 to 3% more for it. However, Read More ›

Still thinking of waiting to replace your dehumidifier?

Excess levels of humidity indoors is more than just a comfort issue. Bugs and mold are attracted to damp environments, condensation can ruin electronics, and allergies can flair up. Be prepared for several more muggy weeks by checking that your Read More ›

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Hussmann is one of Crescent's newest vendors, but has been a manufacturer of high quality refrigeration parts and equipment since 1906. First and foremost, Hussmann is driven by passion, perspective, and performance, and the proof is in their products. The company produces world-class refrigerated and non-refrigerated display merchandisers, specialty display cases, glass doors and lids, refrigeration systems, and so much more.

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