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The Very Real Hazards of DIY HVAC Work

Any HVAC technician with at least a few months experience under his or her belt has seen what damage an HVAC DIY project gone wrong can cause. In the age of online tutorials and DIY guides, the urge to tinker and Read More ›

A Contractor’s Guide to Home Automation

For over thirty years, the term “smart home” has been a growing buzzword in many industries, including HVACR. Once considered futuristic and unnecessary, home automation has emerged as an important and lucrative marketplace, and it’s expected to grow exponentially in the next Read More ›

Fluorspar price increase expected to impact refrigerants

Refrigerant prices aren’t expected to lower anytime soon, and the problem isn’t helped by the fact that fluorspar prices in China have hit a four-year high. China is the world’s largest producer of fluorspar, “a mineral from which HFC component hydrofluoric acid Read More ›

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